Redwan Hakim

Mr. Redwan HAKIM has received his BA from the University of Damascus, Syria in 2007.After 3 years of his career as a sales manager at Lama Group of brands (Fashion & Perfumes) in Syria i.e. from 2005 to 2008, he moved to Dubai to explore for better opportunities and hence was offered a position of Business Development Manager for 3 years at SARYA group of companies (Engineering Consultancy, Furniture and Decoration companies’ agent in MENA).
In 2011 he joined ALGEDRA Interior Design Company Dubai branch as the Head of Sales & Marketing of Interior Design Consultancy for MENA & North Africa regions. Being an active team member since past 7 years, ALGEDRA played a significant role in his career growth.

Has graduated from Damascus University in 2007, and now he is the head of sales & marketing of ALGEDRA company in Dubai for MENA & North Africa regions.