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Classic Style Luxury Villa Interior Design in Ajman
Classic Style Luxury Villa Interior Design in Ajman

Algedra has recently re-defined the beauty of classic style in this magnificent villa design where the execution process sorted out according to our clients desire to bring beauty into each room of the home.

Artistic touches manifests that are consistent with inspired by traditional elements yet ancient roots that goes royal grace as it is elegance nourishing widely open spaces by carving ornaments out. Decorative components respond to balance, proportion and harmony with engravings which are reminiscent of grandeur classic interior design style.

Harmonic elegance of the entrance impresses everyone in the first glimpse while strolling around. The lavishing feel of entrance design bestows noble air, where everything is essential and well-measured. Family sitting room is perfectly furnished and creates a welcoming ambiance in keeping with classic style canons. High class materials selection features refinement while highlighting delicate accessories. 

Light and neutral hues, predominantly beige and yellows harmonize with other colours to assail the eye by blending with artworks. Materials such as marble and gypsum works add a feeling of dazzling atmosphere, derived from the throwback to the ancient ages. 

Majlis design is proof that moderation of care to hospitality and comfort of guests make them as relaxed as they can. Luxury and classic elements are at the forefront of reinforcement of using space as it is the best version of a house where it can be a home. Master bedroom and guest bedroom is rich with textures and layers that are always balanced with proportion of classic style. Bed, dressers, lamps offer the homeowners a chance of enjoying objects and furniture that is definitely playful yet high-end elegance. 

If you want us to apply classic style into your home, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you as a leading interior design company in UAE, Dubai.