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Complete Villa Interior Design Implementation
Complete Villa Interior Design Implementation

This project includes a complete interior design work based on client’s needs and requirements in which covers painting, adorning the villa, furniture selection, and placement, lighting and decorative items.

This key plan is designed to wrap around Algedra Project Management and Interior Design teams. On the great villa implementation project, we are adapting the stages to suit the ratio and aspects of each room.

At first, the stage began with a creative process. We have cultivated the layout and scheme for our client’s property, and started to investigate design styles, finishes and influences to create renderings and 3D drawings describing the volumetric aspect of the design.

Our client was seriously lacking from the previous interior design model of home due to its impractical implementation and inefficient design elements, so he has requested us to use quality high-end design with classic yet modern touches to fulfill his eye while strolling around his home.

Throughout the villa implementation and development process we will get into more detail of the design scheme. Project scope will cover living room, family sitting room, bathroom, bedroom, majlis and full interior design.

Our professional designers are aiming to refine internal schemes, and will specify materials, key finishes for the walls, floors and furniture etc. and define the lightning concept for final sign off.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will design your home beyond your expectations.