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Glamorous Villa Design Concept in Dubai
Glamorous Villa Design Concept in Dubai

Seamless villa design through the implementation stage that is taking place initially aims flourishing the interior design industry to bring fresh air by help of Algedra architects and interior designers.

This beautiful brand new, classic villa gives a new lease of life by our professional team. Delicate, luxurious exterior lends itself a glam yet subtle classic theme that grows naturally by our expert teams.

In the face of the luxuriant location of Dubai and elevated vast upland that is greatly wide, the designers are hoping to create vivid clashes of classic style and blending with external landscaping by a balance of ancient spirit, glamorous material and embody grace of royalty through the extravagant yet elegant furnitures in the property to create fairytale home.

The layout of this building complex is similar to the Greek Acropolis. The windows of the guest rooms overlook the surrounding landscapes and bring the natural beauty indoors.

External dome structure enhances mesmerizing details of the floors, which is a great oasis and harmonizes soothing classic details. In the second-floor, there is a glass roof that promotes sky view inside.

Property was demolished and the implementation process is still in progress.

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