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Modern Villa Design Implementation in Dubai, Al Warqaa
Modern Villa Design Implementation in Dubai, Al Warqaa

The Al Warqaa area is popular with both the locals and expats alike. Featuring a mix of both residential apartments and villas, it’s located on the outskirts of the city, but it’s a very popular and a well-connected area.

Since the construction of our modern villa project in Al Warqaa first began, featuring a wide range of standalone spacious spots was highly challenging. But with the help of Algedra professionals and expertise of the head of the engineering department Eng. Fouad Ayoub, we implemented every detail that glowed itself up with intertwining touches of different styles that differ in each room of villa, and applied from the first stage to last prior to installing the furniture.

As we can see in the video, the aesthetic of this project is based on its simplicity with lean and straight lines that characterize the modern style.

Simplicity of the villa exterior design was reflected in the interior design by using some elegant gypsum works in addition to some islamic details that are characterized by craftsmanship and precision, with the thoughtful use of the lighting element, which shows the beauty of the design with a character of delicacy.

This is what distinguishes Algedra designs and gives it the strength to be able to diversify the work, whether in design, implementation or even moving from one style to another.

The implementation team is still following up the finalization of the villa decorations to be delivered to the customer in full accordance with the 3D drawings.

At Algedra Interior Design, we work in a common environment where the team shares their creativity and ideas, nurturing the spirit of creativity to achieve unachievable goals to get ideal results for our customers.

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