beautiful and special house

Lot of us choose the house furniture relying on traditional taste, but this might not be suitable for all homes and this will lead to un harmonized decoration.
that’s why we will show a sample of the fails that usually happen

house furniture

  • Put a lot of carpet in the bathroom, it’s enough to use one small carpet to dry foot
  • Uncovered cables, who of us not suffering from the problem of electrical cables accumulation behind the computer or TV? To resolve this issue, gather all the cables to the cabinet or library leg, or cover it with suitable cover with the wall color.
  • Buy a large size or heavy weight furniture makes it difficult to move it, you must buy medium size of furniture or just buy a basic large piece of furniture.
  • Furniture and carpets with dark colors in small rooms makes it look smaller, but light colors and glass makes it look larger.
  • Buy the furniture for it’s comfortable not buy it just for its price or shape
  • Lots of accessories, all of us have a lot of accessories and small antiques that we bring with us from our travels around the world, No need to show all those accessories at once.
  • Do not place small rug in a large room, the right size is to put the legs of sofas and chairs on the edges of the carpet.
  • Buying furniture which have many details and motifs are not easy to clean, and by time it wouldn’t be good looking because of dust.
  • Hanging a small size paint on a wide room wall, that would make the room appears empty
  • Avoid hanging paints randomly or placing art works in a high point on the wall