villa exterior design

Modern designs are most famous right now, and most demanded by people and designers, because they attract attention with their beautiful and bold colors and special designs, the following are some ideas from ALGEDRA for modern exterior designs for villa.

The lines in the modern designs are straight and clear, and mostly the exterior at least has two cladding materials, alucobond plates and stone or Bethune and alucobond, wood and Bethune, for example, the white color dominates most interfaces with the introduction of another color like black, for example, or gray or brown, and orange.

modern exterior design for Palace

The roof can either be normal or decorated, depending on what the house owners prefer, ALGEDRA architect will suggest the optimal solution for each villa.

Windows are of geometric shapes squares or rectangles randomly chosen according to the horizontal projection and functions used in the villa, but it looks all in one coordinated and systematic unit, the high transparency in modern homes means that the house will be open to the Garden dramatically compared to traditional homes.

geometric interior shapes for Home

The terrace is made of wood or composite panels, but the wood remains the most favorite and on high demand, it has no major difference to the composite panels in almost anything but that is due to the taste of home owners.

garden landscape design for Villa

Lighting used in facades and garden surrounding the house is functional and aesthetic, that is, they serve the two points together, the lights are shed on the windows and the main entrance, they also illuminate the area of the pool, and the trees, and in the main corridor for entry and pathways.

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