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Contemporary interior design is a new style in decor world, it is ever changing and updating, contemporary means to live in the moment and to belong to the current modern life.

Contemporary means everything demanded currently, means it goes with the latest buzz in interior design, and it is selective because it is ever changing and always inspiring new pieces from different styles and eras, for contemporary design it doesn't necessarily mean a design from the current period as it usually combines between modern and old styles.

Now a day’s contemporary homes have large windows in different and exotic designs that merge with the surrounding nature, the cladding materials may vary from stone or wood fir or cedar, furniture surfaces may have decorations or just simple with nothing.

Contemporary interior design for Villa

Comfort and sustainability is one of the most important elements upon the contemporary design. This design is considered a contemporary West Coast design, but twenty years from now there will be other designs and other values and concepts for the contemporary design.

It is noticeable that contemporary designs combine modern and classic designs and many other styles According to the need to design the space so that it is more comfortable, functional and effective.

Contemporary style includes several colors and grades, depends largely on brown, dark gray and pure white. You can find a bold color on one of the walls or in paintings or in the carpet or in special pieces of art.

texture and colorful interior designs

The contemporary style is Characterized by using modern materials and natural fabrics, such as silk, wool, linen and cotton that is because of their wonderful texture and beautiful colors. You can use bold colors or geometric patterns on pillows or carpet for example.

The lighting in a modern style is considered as an artistic element in the interior design and not merely an important function that should exist. Floor and table are straight metal smooth, you can use colored lighting, and can also shed light on the paintings or pieces of art in the room seamlessly.