Indian interior design

Indian style interior design is among the most exotic, interesting and complex decor styles. Due to vast difference in their culture, history and art across the country, Indian interior design has many variants. Nonetheless, here are some elements that capture the essence of this enchanting style

Bright and varied colors are the hallmark of Indian interior design. While it’s hugely tempting to go crazy with such a vast palette, too much color can create visual chaos.
Solid wood furniture is an important element in Indian interior design. For an authentic look, make the most of stunning Indian craftsmanship and choose traditional pieces with curved armrests and legs, carvings and inlay work in metal or ivory.

Decorated hallmark of Indian interior design

Like many elements of Indian designs, traditional Indian cabinets are a great combination of functionality and aesthetics.
Brightly painted and embellished with inlay work using mirrors, stones, ivory, or metal, they serve as storage units in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Use them as accents alongside solid wood pieces to lighten the mood of your spaces.

Indian home design offers informal spaces that allow relaxed interaction. Create different levels of seating using high chairs, sofas, diwans and footstools. Rugs and floor cushions lend warmth and comfort to décor.

Traditional Indian Living Room Design

Large paintings can serve as centerpieces. If you have several smaller pieces, you can create a gallery wall. Indian home design is also incomplete without the use of statues. While the most common pieces are religious idols of Buddha statues, elephants, camels and turtles are other popular choices. Terracotta, stone and metal figurines can be used as living room or foyer accents.