Landscape Design

Landscapes are comfortable to the eyes and the heart. Everyone seeks the green color and elegant landscapes whether in the house garden or public parks and home Corridors or villas. Flowers and ornamental plants make the house appear more welcoming especially if you decorate the entrance.

Flowers are an elegant addition to the guests’ reception ALGEDRA suggest you to:

 Add a low colored fence around the house to create a larger place to grow plants and chromes.

  • Illuminating the outer fence adds an aesthetic value for it and makes the plants look even better and illuminations is considered as a security element.
  • If you add a few small stones on the sides of the pathway create an artistic portrait, you can use different stones in different colors, shapes, and sizes.
  • Trees and shrubs are one of the most important garden ideas with their colorful leaves and creative trimming for the leaves can create a very aesthetic garden.

green color and elegant landscapes

  • Water ponds in Geometric designs with fences and columns in addition to plants and flowers, and some ornamental fish in the pond.
  • The distribution of trees, shrubs and flowerbeds in a balanced manner on either side of the main passage and secondary passages.
  • They must choose plants that show each other beauty so as to ensure that people will see diversity even if the number of plants is a few. To ensure that the bilateral symmetry or quadrilateral or circular in bilateral symmetry divides the site into two sections and the longitudinal axis coordinate similar to each other and the lines are parallel ribs, square or rectangular basins.
  • As for the Quadrilateral, symmetry divides the site into four sections and coordinates the section in one way this system follows a flat square or rectangular ground.
  • If you want to design circular shapes you have to take into account the redundancy of oval and circular around a fountain or statue or a flower basin.
  • In asymmetric gardens straight lanes are commensurate with flower basins and arranged and decorated, such gardens have paved walkways and fountains decorations and cut-outs.

Water ponds in Geometric designs

  • Walking through pathways is very entertaining, long and narrow pathways make entering and exiting garden a very fun experience. In this case, you have to pay attention to the use of these ways, either as a corridor for strolling around the garden or as a pathway or as a path that lead the guests to the house entrance, Experts advise to leave the part of the garden closest to the house free of plants in order to accommodate a table and some chairs to create a beautiful seating and don’t forget to buy a furniture that is comfortable and suitable for the garden atmosphere