villa decoration company dubai

The entrance is the house front that reflects the general taste of the house owners and it gives the first impression about the house, thus ALGEDRA gives it a special attention to highlight its beauty.

As for the entrance from the outside, you can outline the door by a different material used in cladding the front, by stone for example, this will give the entrance a special luxury look, you can surround it with two columns and several small plants and flowers with cheerful colors, so that the entrance will look prestigious and beautiful.interior decoration company
Attached on either side of the door or above it two lanterns to illuminate it at night, the door must be wooden door with a dark color for an elegant appearance, you can add some ornaments and decorations around the door, too.
As for the entrance from the inside it is a completely different story that should not reflect the outside, you can simply and in small steps transform the entrance from normal to the entrance of a luxurious mansion.
For a stately entrance, it is better to choose it in light colors as it helps to increase the excellency of the entrance.villa decoration in luxury style
You Can put a large mirror with a small table and a comfortable chair and small potted plant is all that you need to achieve a stylish and beautiful at the same time simple design.
For a stately entrance place a classic carpet to make it more elegant and beautiful.

The classic look is characterized by luxury, once you use a classic table or chair the entrance will automatically become more prestigious, circular stairs will increase the greatness of this entrance, as it is considered a style for large decor for palace
Hanging a chandelier in the lobby ceiling will make the entrance look grandeur and elegant, you can also use luxury lamps on either side of the mirror hanging on the wall, or a lamp on the table in the hallway.
As for the cladding material, marble or granite will be very suitable for a great entrance, Wood will also give it an elegant and intimate look.