luxury villa lobby design

The villa hall reflects the taste and elegance of the house owners, some people neglect the villa hall and pay attention to the other villa parts and forget this important space, and because usually the villa hall is open to the other villa sections therefore it must have a suitable design with the other house parts, ALGEDRA provide you with the following ideas to decorate your villa hall.

 Villa hall decoration design

Furniture used in the lobby is simple and consists of a table and if the lobby is large and luxurious preferably add a small sofa or a luxury chair, if you have a large lobby pick a circular entrance table that reflects the character of the home, but if the space is small use a rectangular table and hang a luxurious mirror above it to add a touch of elegance and magnificence.

The best colors for the entrance are bright light-colors that give the entrance a wider look and make it more luxurious, but for the flooring it is preferable to use a type of floor that will suit the carpet, marble floors match well with carpets made from silk that will give the entrance an elegant and grandeur appearance, while the wooden floor suit wool woven carpets to give it elegance and warmth.

It is Preferable for the lobby lighting to be prominent like a large chandelier when the ceiling is high, or some luxury lamps that suit the house style when the ceiling is low, Lighting is very important to draw attention to the lobby decorations and furniture and artifacts, the carpets selection is very important for the lobby, as it provides the lobby with luxury, elegance and intimacy.

Villa hall interior design

As for the accessories they Need to be addressed in every aspect their quality and grandeur, as they give the first impression of the house, so it's best to choose distinctive pots of flowers in crystal or porcelain, and the use of natural plants and natural scented flowers. You can also use a masterpiece worthy of the table and the entrance, in addition to a painting to decorate the wall in the hallway. Taking into account the appropriate use of them and do not use too many accessories.