Creative Interior Design for Restaurant

The interior design of the restaurant serves more than what the food actually does because the look of the restaurant is what would attract customers. ALGEDRA Interior Design Consultancy offers the most beautiful designs that would attract the customer and fit his needs and comfort requirements and taking into account the quick or the smallest details of the exterior and interior look. Check out the most creative ideas for your Restaurant

 Interior Design for Restaurant

The Entrance:

The interior and exteriors look reveal the quality of the service, so the exterior interface must look magnificent to attract attention.

Large windows are recommended to display the style of the service in fast food restaurants, but in restaurants that have a social atmosphere curtains are recommended to provide the privacy required.

And colors, lighting and simple wall paintings that suit the restaurant’s style especially if it follows the style of a certain country.

 Modern Restaurant Table and Chairs

The Dining Hall:

It’s the place where the customer must enjoy and feel comfortable in addition to privacy. That is why the tables and chairs of the restaurant must be comfortable and suitable for the movement of the customers and the restaurant workers.

There are several types of restaurant seats, some of which require high metal chairs, as "coffee shops" and fast-food restaurants and bars, some prefer the comfortable upholstered seats or large leather chairs and sofas with fixed or dynamic ones to fit any change in the order of the place and accommodate any group larger than the number decreed on each table, as in the social formal restaurants.

Lighting patterns also vary according to the lounges. Some need dim lighting and candles on the tables while others prefer medium lighting. It is also determined according to the time the food is served in (between lunch and dinner time).

The only common thing about lighting is that there is the addition of a powerful lighting in order to show the interior decoration, often on counters and buffets and sometimes for restaurants that offer open tables.

The floors are important. Their colors must fit with the colors of the walls. The floors range from wood, stone or Moquette.


Most common Restaurant Designs:

The restaurant with ancient character:

Features walls filled with drawings and hanging crystal chandeliers, with a wooden model to maintain the intimacy and familiarity of the place. This style symbols the French living style


The Oriental restaurant:

Depends on wooden furniture and decorations, as well as arabesque chairs or Arabic seating in one of its divisions, and Persian Carpet, candlesticks and small pieces of artifacts that are used for decoration, lighting which consists of lanterns, makes the place look original and take the distinct east character.

 Oriental Restaurant

The African restaurants:

This is the most beautiful restaurant of most restaurants that offers a different atmosphere than other restaurants because the atmosphere of the restaurant gives the visitors the presence of the African forests and consists of a range of natural materials, tissues and natural colors in its design to reflect the contemporary African character. In addition to the African animals holograms inside of it like monkeys, elephants and other decorations patterns such as the patterned tiles like elephant skin covering the floors with natural grass for the doors, as well as waterfalls flowing from one of the restaurant sides from time to time, and the music, and it is possible to add screens to show films about the African forests.


Restaurant that has a Moroccan character:

The restaurant features a unique Moroccan decor from the hanging Moroccan lanterns, doorways that has silk textiles, and the terracotta on the walls and so on. And the variety of dishes that the Moroccan restaurant offers, such as Chicks on the Moroccan way and couscous.


In addition to many other patterns inspired by nature and other countries cultures, it is also possible to have a collection of several patterns in one restaurant, so that the visitor would feel as if he is visiting a new place or even a new country.