Rococo Style Design

rococo intricate interior

Rococo style is the most cozy, comfortable and intimate. Considered as feminine style of interior in classicism. It is dominated by the graceful and curved lines, the interior is light and elegant and the items are often hidden under the overall decor. The color palette is dominated by pastel, light and gentle tone. In the forms of furniture rejection of symmetry and straight lines can be traced. Bertero, canapes, a chaise longue – for those pieces of furniture we owe this style.

Furniture of this style as comfortable as possible and considers the entire features lush female body. In Rococo we use textile wallpaper for the walls, or paint, which creates the effect of silk or glossy fabric. It is good if the wall will be combined with window curtains. In finishing the ceiling there is stucco, which is covered with white paint in the color of the ceiling is painted or gilded. For the floor in the living room it is better to use wood. Curtains should be selected to match the upholstery of the furniture. This style is characterized by a variety of sconces in the form of chandeliers. A mandatory attribute of the living room is a mantelpiece in the center.

rococo interior design