Suleiman Kabbani

Sulieman is a graduate of the Lahaye University, Netherlands. He has obtained his degree in Marketing and Advertising. He has written several articles on innovation and creativity while his latest article entitled as “Identity as a Generative System” was about exploring the relations between the layers composing identity and their interaction with each other and with the surrounding environment, the results that are relevant in structure and behavior to those of interacting elements in generative systems, conducted through a conceptual artist-to-artist experiment across the globe.

Sulieman is also a certified Director with the Syrian Academy for Photography. Other than that, he is an active Social Media Youth Leader in Youth Leaders Visitors Program at Syrian Development Centre. As a great team member of ALGEDRA, he finds the company as a great place to flourish his skills in a more professional and efficient way.

He has obtained his degree in marketing and advertising from the Lahaye University. He is working now as creative manager, also he is responsible of the construction and achievement of marketing strategies of ALGEDRA.