Mix of modern and classic style design

How to make good combination of Classic and Modern designs was always popular question. Especially for those who loves classic and at the same time wants to keep up with the last trends. Any room, regardless of size and layout can be designed in a modern style. The cost of furniture and materials used for interior design, does not really matter. Any little thing, such as decorative candle holders, can play in the design space more important than the big statues and expensive paintings. This is the value of modernity.  ALGEDRA's designers want to share with main things need to know to achieve balance between Classic and Modern Design: 

1) Use dark oriental colors in furniture and curtains like red and green.

modern style interior design

2) Use accessories made of cooper, and apply them in different places.

3) Arabic calligraphy is very attractive especially when applied on lighting covers, and wall paints. Don’t stick to the oriental still only, but also use the Indian, Persian, or Turkish style.

Classic interior design

4) Use wooden accessories that shows classic warmth, and trendy modern look.

5) Dry flowers can be arranged and put in a nice way in a room corner.

6) Use wall pictures that have old photos like old mosques, and souqs, with suitable frames and matching accessories.

7) Use lanterns and candles

8) Apply dark colors of beige and orange with shade of lightings to give traditional old look.

9) Use pottery, and simple accessories made of straw

10) Decorate walls with wall carpets of different kinds and styles like Arabic, Persian, Indian, and Turkish.

Traditional interior design ideas