bigger house

Light and energy:

It is the most recommended way to bring out the space from the dark whether it comes from the natural rays of the Sun through windows or a glass roof, like mostly all decoration style in the world especially the Islamic style, or with the parametric design of electrical lights to cover all the spots bringing out even the corners to the observing eye.

Furniture and clutter:

Whether you prefer classic or modern style in furniture, careful choices should be made so that it would not show neither a waste of space nor a cluttered one, you may find that method bright and clear in the modern Scandinavian style, you can also go for a smaller shape of furniture that are based on simplicity and minimalist so it may allow light and energy to pass through like in the Japanese style.

Wise color plateau:

Choosing colors for your decoration is most fun yet it is highly complicated for the wide available options from the color plateau.

However, since there is a lack of space, it is wise to use hints of dark shades colors surrounded by a cloud of pale light shades to help focus the eye on them blurring and expanding the vision to the surrounding making it look vast.

Degrees of white are the perfect options to select from whether it is light pale gray, pearl, or ivory.

Try to place your dark colored choices of furniture and curtains in a gradual way so it makes the perfect illusion.

Art work:

Who wouldn’t love to collect art and put it on display on his walls? But if you worry that it might make your rooms a bit smaller and cluttered than it already is, all you have to do is to hang rather large artworks like paintings or even set a large piece of art carvings without so much details in it, clean and simple, it would bring your wall a nice feeling of width.

Tall curtains:

Using tall curtains doesn’t just give color and rich details to your room, it would also play some visual effect on the eye, if was set from floor to ceiling, making believe of more height to the room than actually is, hence more room space.

Huge mirrors:

Have you ever caught yourself looking in the mirror inattentively to the space beyond your reflection?

Using huge mirrors in a kind of small house gives a double effect on the space for the reflection showing up inside them making you feel that space does exist.

Its basic use is in bathrooms, but you can expand that usage to cover bedrooms and entrance as well making your visitors believe of the vast space you have in your house.

Carpets and rugs:

Rich and expensive carpets, especially imported from the Orient, are one of the most luxurious items you can add to your furniture collection at home, again it gives a spectacular hint to the dimensions of your floor, hence, your house.

A horizontal choosing of laying down the carpet on the floor brings width to the room for the eye, this method doesn’t word for the vertical way.