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The vintage interior design style of homes, apartments merges with a solid, elegant, romantic ambiance in which the interior is more restrained, and contains an antiquity atmosphere, pleasant sensations, and as if familiar for a long time.

Nowadays, we have started to use the term vintage very often. It can be said that the root of this type of item belonging to ancient periods, which express a certain time in the recent past, describe a new design created by combining with today's elements.

Vintage designs are made up of old items and have simple, graceful features and indescribable charm in interior design. At this point, it should be understood the vintage word more profoundly to make a distinction. So, here is the question; Can every old item be called vintage? There is an accurate answer to this question, we can not define every item as vintage, because the age of the items used in the vintage design is up to 100 years.

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We can consider items that have existed for more than 100 years as antiques. Vintage covers a period between 1930-1960. 

In other words, what makes a product vintage is that it was produced and used in the past. The reason why vintage style is generally preferred is that it will add a stylish ambiance to your home. 

You have to make a detailed selection while adorning your interior by considering vintage style components, as if used on their own, consisting of simple, romantic and elegant designs. 

Vintage designs are often solid and exclusive pieces, where it has a different soul compared to today's fabricated pieces and it contains a magnificent handcraft. It is known that the latest fashionable furniture products and trends are highly demanded today. If you choose vintage furniture for your kiev, you should know that it will never go out of style. You don't have to replace pieces of this style every year, which also include Art Deco, Scandinavian style and modern furniture.

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The furniture of the vintage style is more colorful, vivid, hard and sharp. Gramophones, wooden chests and specially carved armchairs and many more appear as vintage decoration items in vintage style. Retro home decoration should not be confused with vintage home decoration. Retro furniture consists of old-looking furniture. Vintage pieces, on the other hand, consist of a mixture of old-era furniture and contemporary items.

If you want to personalize your home with unique items of vintage design, here are some interior decoration products you need to implement to your interior design:  

  • Old fashioned home appliances and wooden tables, chairs  

  • Wrought iron lamps and chandeliers, lampshades 

  • Ceramic products 

  • Colorful white goods 

  • Nostalgic art paintings and pictures of famous people of that period, 

  • Ads and posters 

  • A dressing table with a mirror

  • Crystal vases and perfume bottles, tablecloths, candle holders, boxes, black and white photographs and the use of flowers in decoration.

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On the floors; You can achieve this style with the use of floral curtains, lace napkins, carpets and pillows, and floral-patterned details on the wallpaper. The color scale defining the vintage style consists of cream, beige, light brown, off-white color tones in which are called timeless colors.

What makes this style important is that you can create a unique space as a result of harmonizing with modern pieces, adding personality to the space, and using old and new pieces as contrast. 

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Vintage furniture has special stories. Instead of ordinary furniture, you can create a home that is not dependent on trends by using bustili in your home.

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