Mr. Mohab Ayoub, the managing director of Algedra Group, he created new strategies of how we can elevate the concept of presenting interior design to the clients with over 10 years international experience.

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Mohab Ayoub
Managing Director
Eng. Tarek Skaik

A licensed certified interior designer with over 12 years of international interior design experience because of its professional and progressive international design experience including residential, hospitality and commercial designs.

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Eng. Tareq Skaik
Head of Design Department

licensed certified from USA and has 19 years of experience in local & international projects, also he is an expert in project delivery and project management to achieve customer satisfaction.

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Ghiath Kadamani
Head of Engineering Department

Has graduated from Damascus University in 2007, and now he is the head of sales & marketing of ALGEDRA company in Dubai for MENA & North Africa regions.

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Redwan Hakim
Head of Sales & Marketing

Having Masters in Business Administration from the University of Houston, he has over 19 years of experience in execution, project management, décor, interior, exterior, and landscape design, and steel structure.

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Fuad Mohammed
Head of Estimation Department

Has graduated from London University in 2009 and has 9 years of local & international experience in GCC & Middle east Market. He is working now as the sales manager of ALGEDRA branch in UAE.

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Nasser Al Shamali
UAE – Sales Manager

He has obtained his degree in marketing and advertising from the Lahaye University. He is working now as creative manager, also he is responsible of the construction and achievement of marketing strategies of ALGEDRA.

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Suleiman Kabbani
Marketing Manager

He has 25 years’ experience in PR & Media in UAE and GCC and he is an in-charge for PR, media buying, press releases, advertising, and translations.

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Marwan Jarkas
Public Relation & Media Manager

After graduating in 2007 in Jordan Ansars passion to Design drove him to explore the world of Interior Design and Architecture. After 6 years being a branch Manager in KSA relocated to Dubai Headquarters. With his ability to understand the need of a client and communication Ansar is a driven force behind Algedras Consulting department overlooking GCC region.

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Ansar Ayoub
Regional Sales Executive

After obtaining Bachelor degree in Tourism Management from University of Makali Jane began her career as an Account Administrator in Banking field. There she developed her skills in client relations and administration and was able to redirect her experience towards internal organization affairs.

Since joining Algedra in 2015 up to date Jane is successfully supporting core operations of Algedra in HR department and contributes to Algedra's employee’s well-being.

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Jane Ore
Senior HR Assistant

He has graduated from higher institute of arts. His achievements include a wide range of exterior and landscaping projects. Currently he is working as a senior interior designer at ALGEDRA.

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Belhassen Ajili
Senior Interior Designer

Aneta obtained Bachelor degree in International Business Management and Administration from Vilnius University in Lithuania. Starting career in London gained 10 years of international experience in Corporate and Hospitality fields. Was part of the opening teams in some of most successful venues in Dubai, and after gaining certification of Creative Specialist in London deployed her career towards Marketing. Being brand development and positive customer experience oriented is actively executing marketing strategies in Algedra team.

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Aneta Beliajeva
Marketing Executive

Certified with Bachelor degree in Interior Design from Ajman University of Science and Technology Qamar started her career in Sales and customer service in Real Estate, where she enhanced her skills of communications. With her knowledge in Interior design field, ability of building partnerships based in fairness and trust she is now successfully developing business opportunities and maintaining client relations in Algedra.

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Qamar Al Mustafa
Business Development Executive

He has graduated from Cairo University, and has 5 years of experience in the construction field and provides project advisory and project management services to public and private sector.

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Arch. Mohamed Al-Mufti
Quantity Surveyor

Abeer pursued Master Degree in Architectural design from University of Albaath in Syria. Started her career as Architect Deputy Manager at Ministry of Tourism in Syria in 2011 overlooking projects in Commercial and Hospitality sectors. Through the years enhancing her creativity and skills has added numerous residential interior and exterior design projects to her portfolio and has developed landscape designs for large scale projects. Being part of Algedra team Abeer uses her experience, skills and commitments to execute creative design quality projects.

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Abeer Ghata
Architectural Designer
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