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Interior design is the art of dealing with internal spaces to create the right atmosphere in a space to achieve a psychological comfort through the distribution and employment of interior design elements that include color, furniture, light, form, void, raw materials, formation works and Structural materials. Solving and developing appropriate solutions for any particular difficulties in the field of movement within the space and the ease of use of what this space includes such as furniture and equipment, and making the space comfortable, quiet and unique in all the conditions, criteria, aesthetic standards and methods of pleasure and joy. Here are some interesting facts about interior design:

1. Interior design is basically the Practice that deals with the design of various architectural elements within the void from windows, doors, walls, finishes, lighting, and other furniture. Also, it is known as the interior design which is the responsibility of the interior designer to make the void more functional and practical.

2. Interior designers are responsible for a number of different spaces such as offices, houses, airports, restaurants, hotels and many others. They shouldn’t mix between the buildings and their jobs and they shouldn’t mix with interior design and decor, through their choices of colors, cladding materials, and furniture. Designers nowadays need to look for the architectural details such as the basics of houses renewal or the executive and constructional details.

3. Interior designers can specialize in certain patterns such as residential, commercial or hospitals and others. And in spaces that require a Specific and strict action plan, they must not abide completely and put their mark and ideas in the design.

4. In some areas where the interior design is evolving rapidly, designers are evolving constantly with it. With the population inflation in most countries and the relatively large difference in ages between the populations some designers’ works are directed to create an environment that is suitable for the elderly.

5. There are many specialties in interior design, such as the function, structure, and the needs of some groups, special competence for businesses, presentation skills, computer technology, handwork, aesthetic specialties, and other specialties. All of these specialties combined surround the interior design and reflects the breadth of the interior design ring.

6. Interior design requires creative designers who are informed and familiar with the broad areas of modern science and technology to develop the interior design.

7. The method to get designs in different blanks is approximately identical regardless of the void or space that we work on. First of all the designer specifies the required time allocated to do the work and budget by the client, then he proceeds to ask the client about his ideas and conditions, he follows up with his own conditions, the way of work cost. Finally, the design and implementation phase begins, and all this needs ahead to run and start the work.

8. There are programs that interior designers use nowadays. Even though they are different and may differ in beauty from the hand drawn ones, these programs have made it easier for designers to make sketches. These programs summed up the trouble and time consumed by drawing and correcting for long hours. These programs are known by the Name CAD they create 2D paintings and combined with three-dimensional, which can result in pictures very close to a real one and in different angles.9. Working in interior design is very similar to working in other fields. A designer can have a basic working day with overload works that make the designer spend longer hours to finish them as per the deadline agreed on with the client, in other words, interior designers sometimes have to work very long hours to gain clients and raise their wages.

10. Interior designer travels from one country to another to visit the offices and homes of their clients. They make money based on their work during the year, and based on their years of experience and fame.