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Your life long house should be established by the best capabilities and designs that will last for a long time from the smallest detail to the final look. There are some frequently asked questions regarding how to achieve comfort, luxury, and Permanence. Here are 10 aesthetic tips from ALGEDRA engineers for luxury and permanence in the designs while paying attention to the smallest details.

 1. Paying attention from the start to the architecture style in the place, the type of floor (wood or marble), while taking into account the color black and white together in marble floors and their consistency with the windows and doors and paying attention to the doors and windows for good ventilation and excellent lighting.

black and white marble floors desing

2. Choosing warm colors such as orange, red and yellow these colors spread warmth to the room for plush coaches and luxurious seating in the salons and reception room. Or you can use Black and white for a mysterious luxury look as for living rooms it’s better to use cool colors such as gray and green because they promote tranquility and comfort. The colors that suit the classic style are chocolate brown, dark orange, light blue combined with white and gold color gradients.

3. Selecting the types of high-end upholstered fabrics such as velvet and velour with touches of appropriate colored pillows that suit the place.

4. Using the best quality of wood that is suitable for decoration and aging in the place to suit the Cotton fabrics in the reception rooms and the rest of the house and rely on decors and designs that last longer and pay attention to the wide selection of chairs made of walnut and mahogany wood.

5. To add luxury to the place you should use a luxurious painting of gold or gray colors or paintings embroidered with the finest fabric types and gems, also use heavy embroidered expensive curtains for the windows.

mysterious luxury look

6. When laying of carpet make sure to choose large pieces which contain inscriptions from the Victorian-style, in floral patterns and strong colors such as wine red, white, black or any colors that suit the place.

7. Use inscriptions and engravings on interior doors and metal drilling grafted on exterior doors. Add candles to the place and some natural or synthetic flowers and precious stones on some furniture. Add pieces of antiquities and ancient artifacts and add some large lamps of good quality design.

8. When you use a Victorian wallpaper you have to take into account these colors: bright red, dark orange, beige gradients, blue and violet, and for wallpapers choose floral wallpapers of bright colors.

9. Pay attention to lighting and use luxurious crystal chandeliers in the center of the room. Use lamps on side tables, and pay attention to the hidden lighting in the form of spot lights for distinctive illumination.

10. Artifacts and artistic pieces that are suitable in size and height in empty corners or in corridor and entrances with small pieces of Archaeological accessories or crystal or metals like copper or bronze. These are complementary and essential pieces to complete the luxury touch over the place.