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The bathroom is a very important part in the house it needs constant care, decor and distinctive colors, every bathroom needs a relaxing and comfortable design to make using it daily as comfortable and relaxing as possible, and for better relaxation ALGEDRA designers have provided some tips for a luxurious bathroom.

 1- Silver, copper, bronze and crystal are materials used for a bathroom decor to add more luxury and elegance, for example in the bath tub frame, mirror frame, door knobs and faucet, make sure to use them along with some bold colors. You can add more luxury by adding a chandelier, either bronze or copper that can add a calm dim lighting and you can use bronze repeatedly in all of the bathroom accessories from the faucet to the bin. Generally, the bathroom accessories follow the type and the color of the lighting because the lighting is the main factor in the bathroom decor so we have to use distinctive lighting such as spotlights and chandeliers.

 beautiful bathroom interior

2- ALGEDRA designers advise you to use some natural accessories such as flowers, even though the bathroom is a closed and dark area, adding flowers will add a special touch. You can use velvet synthetic flowers or natural ones if you position them next to the window. The flowers are kept in metallic or glass pots that fit in with the bathroom decor, you can use bold colors in the bathroom but make sure that the color of the walls fit in with the color of towels, the rug and accessories to achieve the elegance and luxury you seek. The colors become more vibrant when used with gold, use gold mirrors, faucets and chandeliers and add some shelves to arrange the towels nicely next to the accessories and bathroom utensils.

 bathroom design ideas

3- The French style has a classic mirror surrounded by lamps and a canvas seat with a table to keep the makeup and hair styling tools.

 4- The bath tub style is chosen according to the bathroom size, you can use two separate units, one for showering and one for bathing. The shower area must be separated from the rest of the bathroom by a glass door and ceramic floor and it is preferable to use ceramic tiles for the bathroom walls, you can use a stone background for the bath tub. You can also use mosaic, marble floors and hard surfaces in the bathroom.

 Small bathroom interior design

Luxury bathrooms have an excellent quality of raw materials for the floors or walls and complementary accessories for the place.