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The modern house is constantly developing and its designs are changing because technology and people’s demands change to achieve the best comfort. Here are some modern designs for 2016 home according to “ALGEDRA” experts:

1. Contemporary Metals:

contemporary interior design

The star of 2016: this is one of the newest trends and very popular. Its fame was the cause for many great innovations to emerge.

The race between silver and gold is done now.  Gold, bronze, and copper make 2016 the perfect year to introduce mixed metals to home, because achieving that shiny contemporary finishing look is by adding a touch of chrome, silver, gold or copper. But it is better to use one metal as the main metal in one place.

It is possible to use mixed materials in home such as copper with stone or wood in many designs, or use a marble table with a number of mixed materials such as wood, a gold or silver frame and a fantastic geometric base made of mango wood and copper.

You can also use metals to connect between the house furniture and designs.

2. A Continuing and Lasting Design:

elegant interior design

For a long time the designs revolved around certain changing and renewing design, this year is a great turnout for Eco-friendly interior designs.

The Continuity in architecture is known for combining the shape and function. So it is important to use interior design elements in large sizes, high quality and have very little effect on the Ecosystem

The interior design elements in 2016 are wood and stone. They are easy to use and they are long lasting materials.

Some families decided to quit spending long hours in front of digital screens and looking for better alternatives such as reading books, chatting with friends and family or just relaxing. Thus this year, living room’s interior designs are digital screens free.

3. Bringing Nature to Home:

home interior decor design

This can be done by adding landscapes pictures and paintings on the wall or embroiled furniture fabrics.

It is preferable to use natural fabrics in natural colors because they are stronger and more durable.

The long lasting effect of the Natural fabrics makes them suitable for the dining room and places where there is too much movement, such as the living room.

And finally, 2016 brings back the decor inspired by plants, decorated in floral and animal prints. Instead of decorating the whole room with them, using them in one piece or two will highlight the beauty of this decor.

4. Fantastic Geometric Shapes

modern Geometric decor design

If you want to make your home eye-catching, you can do that by adding some optical effects somewhere around your house and there is no better way to do that than adding some geometric shapes.

The great thing about the geometrical shapes is that you can use them anywhere and combine them with any design, especially with modern designs they are very suitable for their furniture and illumination of the modern decor, and adding geometrical shapes into the place will give it a contemporary touch.

5.  Natural Wool

french interior design

Wool fabrics and using natural wool in the home is a new trend in modern designs. It adds a distinctive touch with many decors and designs distributed around the house, in addition to the other modern designs for the living room, kitchen and dining rooms.

The decor tools have become more functional and better in quality to follow the constant development while saving nature which is a duty for all people of all ages especially youngsters.