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The house interior design reflects the personal taste. Hence, it is important to avoid the technical and artistry lapses.

Below are the most common 5 mistakes of house interior design that you need to know and avoid:

 1. Lack of Attention to the Room’s Measurement before Choice:

house interior design

The inaccurate figures of the room measurements might lead to buying inappropriate pieces of furniture that make the room look like a furniture warehouse. To avoid this issue, it is highly recommended to plan then purchase so the choice will be on the room needs.

2. House Painting Prior to Furniture and Antiques Purchasing:

Changing the paints colors afterwards is not an easy process. Hence, choosing the colors of paints shall not be in a hurry. It is easy to relocate the pieces of furniture, so we can apply the house paints based on a sample of the furniture, not vice versa.

luxury house interior design

3. Random Accessories Distribution:

Simple accessories along with one piece of drawing on the wall are highly recommended. Massive distribution is messy.

4. Negligence of the Natural Plants:

Regardless of how classy is the artificial plant, it cannot replace the full of life natural one. Taking good care of natural plants that gives a charming view of the room, unlike if it has yellow and fallen papers that reflect a kind of negligence.

classic natural interior

5. Comfort first:

Never replace your comfort with a view, you might like a piece of furniture on a display (a dining table for instance) and you go to buy it, then when you try it at home you feel uncomfortable because it is extra high or low or wide etc. Choosing the furniture shall be based on feel, then on appearance.