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White is the masters of colors. It is in a constant competition with black. Some people would love to have a white bedroom but they fear that it will be too dull and boring.

Ladies dream of an elegant, relaxing and luxurious bedroom, either classic or modern, and that’s why most women nowadays choose a white bedroom in classic or modern design. The reason is that white makes the place appear more spacious, it’s comfortable for the eye, and you can control the intensity of it by using other colors for pillows, bed covers, and accessories.

Even though white is suitable with all the colors but there are some details that you should give them your attention to help make the color richer.

To make the room more comfortable (in case you don’t want to use another color to the room), ALGEDRA experts recommend that you take into consideration the other elements such as the shapes, forms, and architectural elements. You can use wood framing to bring a rustic touch by covering the walls in white wood decorations and a window view to nature outside.

luxurious bedroom interior by Algedra

Those who seek an oriental style room with white soft curtains with oriental decorations such as arches and patterned panels. Pay attention to the architectural details of the bed. In a case of limited use of colors, you can add some distinctive parts and shapes that will break the intensity of the white color and keep it soft.

Some modern bedrooms have a high white ceiling decorated with metal or natural wood decorations. You can soften the intensity of the white color with wooden white walls and other natural materials such as the carpet and small colored pillows that reflect the sunlight and add warmth. The natural view out of the window and a small fireplace will help bring together the whole decor and softens the intensity of white.

Lighting plays a big role in softening and breaking the intensity of the white color, even though white is a bright color but it needs a warm lighting, ALGEDRA experts recommend that you add warm colored lighting on the white wall for a distinctive background.

Adding shine to the white bedrooms is a great choice to break the intensity of the color by using metallic colors and gold or bronze metallic pieces or using shiny or reflective surfaces to the places you want to highlight.

white shine bedroom decor

The white color requires a very professional interference to soften its intensity by a warm or cool color while maintaining the beauty of the white color.

You can play with this color by maintaining this color and adding some illuminated accessories, flowers, or adding artistic portraits with the spotlight to highlight the beauty of it. The beauty of the white color can be shown through curtains and blankets embroidered with strips and crochet.