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Glass is considered one of the most common material to be used in interior design for its special quality of transparency and the ability of reflecting space and elegance.

If you are a modern style interior design kind of person, you might find these 6 tips to shimmer your house with glass interesting.

-  Glass is often used in windows and doors, but to be creative on the matter you can go changing the concrete walls with large glass panels, or as a glass wall transparent to the outside. With this method, you will attract more light in expressing in return more space.

-   There is some kind of enjoyable feeling when using glass in offices as in modular flex-space wall, glass would work as a sound proof barrier but still allows the light to pass through and reflect fro more shimmer.

-   Strengthen glass can also be used in many other fields, for it can take pressure and heavy weights not like the ordinary glass, so it can be used for example in the stair steps providing a piece of imagination to the mind with aspects of future life.

-   There is no other material that could bring such glamourous than glass and crystal accessories with the its ability of reflecting light and twinkles all over the space, even when insets in the furniture like tables and cabinets, it still has that shimmer.

-  The perfect use of glass would be in bathrooms for his ability to resist water and moisture, shower surroundings in glass is as practical as elegant as well.

-     Finally, who wouldn’t want to have an aquarium at his home, set the soul floating on a lake of relaxing and quietness.

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