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Choosing the suitable color for your home exterior is a vital thing, as it is what creates the first impression to the guests. Thus, the color that covers the house exterior must express the personality of the house owners, and to be traditional yet unique.

Opinions vary about the color choice and so ALGEDRA takes into consideration the client’s needs and portray them in unique and distinctive colors. Gray got more picks, as it is a neutral and mysterious color. Interior designers use gray as a complementary color and to highlight other colors.

It is a Strong color that adds a touch of mystery to the place that attracts attention and is also welcoming.

In interior design, the audacity for change has an unexpected effect on the décor. The overlap and consistency between colors are what gives the place an atmosphere dominated by the aesthetic and technical nature and leaves an unforgettable effect.

One of the tricks is to combine between two contradicting colors, which is one of the highly used tricks in interior decor and design, the following are some suitable gray exteriors presented by ALGEDRA:

gray exteriors presented by ALGEDRA

1. Exteriors in white and gray

This high contrast provides a fantastic exterior, along with simple natural wood pieces especially on the windows and doors. As well as a third color that would create the consistency between white and gray.

2.  Medium Gray, red and brown:

These colors create a simple yet elegant exterior. This combination between red brick and the gray exterior creates a focal point and suits the surrounding nature and you can use it for windows or the external door.

Red may seem a bit off on the color chart but it’s very suitable with gray, and you can notice the combination between red, orange and yellow in brick together they create a beautiful and elegant exterior.

3. Gray exteriors with natural shades:

When we want to look for consistent colors we see that Mother Nature has many brilliant shades of yellow, brown and gray. Brown and gray can resist dust more than white. You can also use colors that are vibrant that we can use to highlight some parts such as the main door and windows with the gray exterior.

4. Dark Gray with a touch of natural brown:

A dark gray exterior with a hint of blue and natural brown wood for the door, the presence of the neutral gray and warm brown creates balance and warmth in the place, and it is preferable to use gray of the external surface of the house because it is a neutral color that combines well with the surrounding natural colors.

Gray home exterior design

5. Gray exterior with white framing:

Most people think that combining between white and gray creates a boring and dull look. This can be avoided if we paint all the main elements in white such as window frames, columns, and the banister to create a nice home exterior.

6. Gray exterior with blue:

The neutral gray with blue windows for the house. Blue has a calming effect and will make your home appear brighter with a gray exterior and dark gray roof.

The gray exterior can have blue parts around the windows that are framed in white this combination will catch the eyes.

7. Gray and its grades:

In case you only want to use gray for the exterior, ALGEDRA experts recommend that you use dark gray grades on the roof to soft and bright gray on the windows and banisters and you will end up with a very creative exterior of one color and its many grades.