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Lying on the bed after a long working day is the happiest and best moment anyone could have.

ALGEDRA designers try to achieve what is desired in a bedroom, starting from different types of floors to the colorful walls (colored according to the personal preference). They also work on the illuminations and its different kinds, shapes and place: on the ceiling, on the wall or a side illumination. They will pay attention to the smallest details including the beds and cabinets. Here are some creative ideas for the bedroom by ALGEDRA Interior Design:

modern bedroom design

1. A large round bed surrounded by calm lighting that reflects on the walls and floor. A wide back window covered with Chiffon curtains for a charming atmosphere, a Parquet floor decorated by a large side vase with natural plants, positioned in the middle of two cane (bamboo) chairs.

large bedroom design

2. An elegant classic room that has a classic bed with an upholstered headboard, and on both sides there are table lamps in the color Ivory to fit in with the walls. In the classic room, we split the room into two sections one for sleeping and the second for relaxing seating and watching TV. A “Chimney” to distribute warmth to both sections. The lighting is distributed by the cornices in the gypsum ceiling that illuminates the bed for a calm touch with a modern chandelier which reaches a suitable height above the seating section and helps the wooden parquet floor to isolate the room and save its warmth and luxury.

ALGEDRA designers will continue offering distinctive ideas for a simple yet elegant and luxurious interior design of the bedroom

best bedroom

3. A low height wooden bed) beech wood covered with walnut scales) with a simple design headboard with a wall cupboard to save as much space as possible. Bamboo chair for relaxation with colorful sofas and a medium-sized carpet to cover the colorful marble floor. And ceiling lights that cover the wall lines and a light hanging from the ceiling above the bed for lighting at night with daylight through a large door covered with curtains that are harmonious with the opposite colored walls with Quiet refreshing colors that reflect the splendor of the lighting and decoration with floors and walls.

wooden bedroom design

4. A wooden ceiling room with a touch of transparent paint to preserve it from the weather effects, with a chandelier that has a yellow illumination and shining crystals, a bed of simple design surrounded by transparent chiffon curtains, with kind of high table lamps on both the sides of bed to fit in with the height of the bed and curtains. And consistent with the wooden place from floor to ceiling and walls at the window a comfortable sofa with fluffy colored cushions for relaxation while reading a book or listening to music.

ALGEDRA’s designers always make sure to add an oriental touch due to the beautiful effect they give such as wooden carved separations for bedrooms to make sure there is a private space for changing, or to have them in front of the door to make sure to block the sight from seeing what’s inside the room.

 The wooden separations can fit in with any type of decor like the oriental, modern or even the western decor because it is easy to change the carving and paintings on it to fit with any decor.

classic bedroom design

5. You can create an artistic painting of the bed headboard or to have it artistically upholstered or in leather, and sometimes it is made of wood.

It is wonderful to add a place for seating in the room. Identical chair or a sofa or a rocking chair for relaxation moments.

wonderful bedroom design

6. The cabinet and the drawers that have hidden lights, the ability to lower or raising the bed hydraulically or you can use a modern technology to make the bed vibrate by adding flexible springs underneath, used when you need to relax.

7. Instead of a cabinet, have a special room for changing or storing clothes and it is better if it lights up automatically and air conditioned.