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A comfortable bathroom is important for relaxation we seek when taking a hot shower after a long work day, the white color is highly used in bathroom designs because it adds peace and serenity to the place.

ALGEDRA designers advise a couple of tips when adding white to increase the beauty and elegance of the bathroom:

1- Using the white color for the floors and walls will add breadth to the bathroom, using white marble is one of the best choices to add more elegance and breadth. The shower with glass doors is a very modern and sleek design, it fits a lot of bathrooms and does not require a large space.

2- Adding some wooden based colors to the white washing basin gives a feeling of warmth and creates an unparalleled balance in the decor and design of the bathroom. Also adding some green plants gives a nice and bright touch to the place this with the appropriate ceramic color that suits the wooden and white color such as beige.

3- Adding a simple color to a full white bathroom, such as a colored ceramic strip which is proportional with the ground color such as sea blue and white ceramic strip.

4- In modern designs there are three-dimensional panels for floors appeared and you can use the painting favored by the customer and also add the white color in the basins and give the walls a light color that is consistent with the floor color but in a lighter shade.

5- Some characters have romantic tendencies and to achieve this desire you can merge between white and bold red with a grey ceramic floor which adds warmth and intimacy inside the bathroom.

bold red with a grey floor bathroom

6-When there is a distinctive view from the bathroom window and you would like to enjoy a refreshing bath while enjoying unique landscapes, ALGEDRA experts advise you to take advantage of the beautiful nature and add a high white bathtub that is higher than the ceramic ground, because of its decorated golden legs. The bathroom has a white ceramic wall and off white ceramic floor, in addition to gold curtains covering the large window.

7- You can design a special bathroom with gray stone walls and brown wooden floors and adding a white bathtub next to the stone wall, a white base for the washing basin to wash your hands in, surrounded by gray marble and a touch of green bamboo and a small elegant rug, these are gorgeous details for a distinctive bathroom.

 bathroom with gray stone walls

Black and white in the bathroom are in a constant battle for dominance for example; Black for the walls and floors, with white bathroom accessories and the lighting plays a huge role in highlighting the beauty of both colors and chrome does that too.