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There are many things that you should take into consideration while designing kid’s room so it will be long-lasting. Because it is not possible to change children bedroom continuously while they grow up and their moods and thoughts change, we make a huge mistake when we choose an uncomfortable and baby style room. When you choose a room for your kids it must be comfortable and reflect positively on them.

 creative children's room

Avoid having a specific nature for the room:

Kids are moody and their interests and thoughts always change. Designing kids’ room with pirates theme, space theme, and fairy tale and princesses themes are very old ideas. We should come up with a room design that is compatible with the kid’s interests, thoughts, and hobbies but suitable to use while the kid grows older. Thus drawing wall decoration of a certain theme isn’t the best idea because the kid will change his opinion too soon.

Make the room Interactive:

Choose a corner of the room and change it into a corner for the child to practice his hobbies and different activities. You can also put a blackboard for the kid to draw and learn on, or put a white wallpaper for the kid to draw on and easily change them when they are full of drawings.

 green wall for kids

Make the study space in another room:

You can easily design a room for studying so everyone can share it. Instead of positioning a small desk in the kid’s room, this way everyone will feel motivated to study, and it’s also useful if more than one kid is sharing the room. This way the others can sleep while the other would want to study.

Controlling colors:

You have to pay attention to the wall paint to make sure it is suitable. The best method is to make the child select the color he wants and the parents choose the most suitable gradient and the comfortable and suitable furniture. Pink and blue are the most famous among kids. There are many ways to color the room, through furniture, decors, fabrics and many other.

The use of multi-use furniture:

Parents usually prefer multi-use furniture, like beds that have a storage space, drawers, cabinets, tables and bunk beds. This kind of furniture is preferable because it increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the room and helps to exploit the spaces in an optimal way.

The use of carpets:

Wool carpet is the best choice for a child's bedroom floor because it is softer than the hard floor when the kid plays on the floor and it provides warmth in winter. Since it comes in many forms, colors, and multiple measurements, surely you will find what fits the room colors and style.

Use canvas storage boxes:

The shapes and sizes of the kid’s toys change as he grows up, so when you use canvas boxes to store his toy. It is easier than the heavy plastic boxes and it lasts longer. You can take advantage of multiple colors to help the child separate his toys into categories. The red for cars and the blue for bouncing balls and pink for dolls and so on.

Use the walls for your advantage:

You can have shelves on the wall to put the trophies, pictures, books, gifts and toys on them. It will add vitality to the room and provide the child with motivation to keep going forward and be successful and it also makes it easier for him to find his books.

You can turn the wall into a large logo game for the kid to play with, or you can use the wall to hang his clothes.

 blue wall children's room

Add some fun to the room:

By adding some spaces and decors that motivate the Spiritual, physical and creative development of the child. In the end, he’s still a little kid he needs some drawings, toys or even a fish tank to create beautiful memories.