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Each design type has its own challenges and features, which every detail must reflect the character of the space. Otherwise there will be a disconnection between the area served by the place and its interconnection with design, whereupon this creates a repulsive effect for customers.

Algedra designers and engineers say ‘’Design elements that beautify a special restaurant and make it different from others are actually hidden in the details’’.

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Restaurants, where they are delicately designed and have a unique atmosphere, always radiate a more inviting vibe by considering everything from materials used to patterns and motifs chosen, from the harmony and comfort of tables and chairs to the accessories that mirror the concept of the space. 

Today, we are going to introduce you to a special restaurant that is newly designed by our talented and professional designers to create an industrial effect. 

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HumHumeh restaurant, is a shining diamond of Dubai-based Algedra Group who designed a space that characterizes an influential dining experience, with reference to industrial design.

Our professionals have implemented the HumHumeh restaurant with concrete floors, cream-colored plaster walls and brick-colored square tiles. A row of windows floods to a great land  with natural light, while a series of grating metal panels hang from the ceiling.

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Tareq Skaik, The Head of Design at Algedra Group “The industrial quality of the space is highlighted by the use of minimal and unfinished materials such as concrete, steel, plaster and wood paired with a muted color palette of gray, green and black” says.

The kitchen is the connection point of the restaurant. Although a kitchen might not seem to be of great decorative importance for profitable purposes, on the contrary, it constitutes one of the most important points as it needs to create a soft and stylish transition between the bar and the social area.

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A kitchen should be functional and useful for personnels, as well as look stylish to the customer. Here, as in most areas of the restaurant, an industrial modern design was preferred, thus complementing a transition area that is both chic and functional.

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This restaurant HumHumeh references “50s and 60s of American industrialization with a rustic charm”. There is a fiberglass dining chair and bar stool used by Algedra designers in a variety of green and wooden colors. Other curved details, including the rounded edges on the chairs and the walls, reference to the brand story.

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Algedra engineers and designers have tried to strike a balance between the restaurant's menu and the building's industrial past, choosing to apply a canvas with a bird motif to the intercultural movements of the 1960s.

The aim of the project was to reference both the existing spatial situation, its industrial building, and to create a space that characterizes its clientele and food.

These rough materials and minimal colors contrast throughout the space using a formal industrial motif. Greenery plays an important role in balancing between decoration and function.

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