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Each person has his own unique fingerprint. Luxury, elegance, and excellence are what define ALGEDRA Interior Design Company that is located in Jumeirah lake towers. It offers exceptional and unique solutions for general and special projects. ALGEDRA offers designs that contemplate well with the different civilizations and modern and ancient cultures. ALGEDRA will provide all consulting services for projects and designs in their many forms commercial, residential, and tourism related. These consultations start by defining the designs and the materials used to catch a glimpse of the project when executed.

ALGEDRA Interior Design

 ALGEDRA is considered one of the most important interior design companies in addition to being the most creative and committed to offering excellent services that combines between creative innovations and elegant designs of a luxurious high quality.

 ALGEDRA has successfully impressed its clients in the Middle East, Arabian Gulf and Europe with its excellent yet elegant designs and its creative innovations.


 What makes ALGEDRA unique is that it has a team of people from different cultures and backgrounds which gives it the advantage of having a better and more creative in depth look for any kind of design. ALGEDRA team is committed to hard work, providing new innovative ideas were the reasons behind ALGEDRA’s successful services that won the loyalty of the clients. Three-dimensional images, detailed graphics, the use of colors and drawings and subjects related to space and lighting, furnishings and colors of cloth and how they are distributed in the desired location and the art of decorating gypsum, plant coordination, art of drawing on stone, the study of the distribution of artifacts of various kinds and organizing gardens and entrances are all examples for the creativity and innovations of ALGEDRA company.

ALGEDRA Interior Design

 ALGEDRA will make sure to provide its clients with all new interior design services as the interior design is no longer following a certain style but it combines between civilization and arts and the simplicity of modern style and the luxury of the classic style.

 ALGEDRA designers will make sure to achieve the wishes of customers and provide a unique and distinctive design for each project.