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The Majlis is the traditional place to welcome guests and it reflects the hospitality and taste of the owner, so the Majlis decor must be distinctive and possess a comfortable atmosphere to create the positive impact it is supposed to give. That is why ALGEDRA designers are interested in creating many designs such as the modern Islamic Majlis and the classic Majlis. ALGEDRA designers can design your Majlis the way you want, by just knowing your point of view and demands, and so you will get a distinctive and majestic design that was created by the perfect mix of the Client’s ideas and the visionary of ALGEDRA designers and engineers.

modern Islamic Majlis and the classic Majlis

 ALGEDRA has combined the western and the eastern cultures, by combining the Greek Architecture, Italian Design, British innovation and The Eastern Decor (the old and the modern).

The ceiling, the walls and decorations of the Majlis contribute to giving it a smooth design, the Majlis Decor focuses on the creativity and the use of the finest raw materials as it depends mostly on the handicrafts which give the Majlis its Originality and Beauty. Pillows and Carpet play a huge role in highlighting the brilliance of the Majlis because they show the quality and mastery of the authentic decorative art, which fit in with the inscriptions and decorations on the ceiling and walls. In some designs the inscriptions are inspired by the carpet.

To increase the luxury of the room, using Velvet curtains or high end fabrics will make the room appear more majestic as they fit in with the classic decor furniture that has Woodcarvings and inscriptions on the armrests of the chairs and the sofa legs. This also applies to the designs of the Majlis that we find are widely used in large and wide Majlis to accommodate the largest possible number of visitors, so the wood appears prominently in the decor.

wide Majlis

 ALGEDRA designers advise that you use some accessories such as artefacts, crystal, candlesticks, velvet curtains that fit in with the seats fabric and also using large carpets that don’t cover the whole floor but make the floor appear like a large artistic painting.

 The eastern art has a good ratio between the other Majlis designs which impose themselves strongly in interior design and decoration world through eastern decoration in all of the components of the place; the ceiling, walls, seats and carpeted floors.

eastern decoration design

 Modern designs are now used in designing Majlis, Despite the simplicity of modern Majlis decoration but they are distinctive for their elegance, soft colors, modern pictures and light gypsum decorations. The chandeliers and side illuminations show the beauty of the sculptures, paintings and colors in the place, ALGEDRA take into account the modernity, sophistication and distinctive luxury in the Majlis.