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The Algedra development and innovation week brings together all Algedra family from all the departments with an aim reflecting the company vision and mission by elevating the standards of our work quality day after day and year after year. As we believe in applying the team creativity, which helps in gathering the shared ideas, knowledge and future vision in order to achieve our goals for the coming years, it's much more efficient to create a platform to learn and adapt to new ways of handling daily tasks with best possible streamline solution in more efficient manner.

Discussions were initiated to generate ideas where all the staff were collaborated with their designated department managers and related personnel to carry out their daily tasks and activities in more swift and competent manner. This step was meant to bring and gather in all the Algedra members under one roof outside the work premises to learn how to get involved and with team effort how to get on the same page and understand the importance of each other's work.

The staff were seated in department wise manner understanding and grasping the agenda behind the session phase, getting involved with each other and helping those who were in need of any sort of assistance.

One of the greatest challenges businesses face today is how to remain innovative and relevant in the midst of constant change. So it is very important for the Business owners and their team to get on the same page and should be ready and remain alerted to adjust to the surrounding and changes and hence get involved with the new strategies and implement them and capitalize on the every opportunity. This discussion was one of the vital focus point of the meeting.

One of the main advantage of this session was to gather conventional thinking, connect the thoughts coming from different departments, and attain actionable insight for now and for the future to succeed in attaining the goals and vision of Algedra