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Wallpapers’ world is a magical place that reveals the level of people’s sophistication and taste, it draws its appeal from the artistic ways that adds up to the design of the house in richness and depth.

In choosing contemporary style for your interior house design, you could use the Anthology wallpaper collection to offer fresh and creative finishes and textures that will bring definition and style to your rooms.

The second group of collections ((Anthology 02)) comprises a selection of urban-inspired designs and glamorous textures, a combination of structural motifs with subtle organic undertones, and here are the types:


Anaconda is a glamorous shimmering snakeskin effect enhanced by metallic highlights for maximum impact, it gives away the feeling of well-educated, sharp and Dashing charismatic personality.


Bloc is a clever fusion of tessellating blocks resulting in a series of organic patterns, it gives away the feeling of Brilliant, cozy and passionate personality.

Foxy is a vintage design inspired by the foxing on an antique mirrored or metallic surface creating a softly distressed and aged effect, it gives away the feeling of wise, deep and charming personality.


Reed is This Eastern-inspired design combines the natural texture and strength of bamboo reeds to create a basket weave effect, it gives away the feeling of a traveling, multi-cultural and social personality.

Smalti is a textural metallic design inspired by interwoven strips of leather then embossed to further enhance the structural aspect of the paper, it gives away an organized, strong and confident personality.


Stucco is a complex motif combining different surface elements such as wood and metal layered together to create a distressed texture, it gives away the feeling of a tasteful, artistic and elegant personality.