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People nowadays are using the antique decoration as a trendy style that is used in furniture, decor, and even fashion. Nowadays you can’t pass a space unless you find one piece or more of antique decoration and decor.

Antique decors are known for their luxury, simplicity and richness. They aren’t expensive because we all own some antiques that we can renew and reuse in a modern and effective way, thus you don’t need to spend money on them.

To obtain a nice antique living room there are many ideas that you can easily use such using old wood furniture, antique fabrics that have stripes or floral patterns that add the lovable and rich antique appearance or using aged brown leather for further elegance.

We can use old accessory pieces such as lamps, a mirror or even a coffee table in the middle, as for the floor it is made of wood or you can use an expensive carpet that is rich in colors and details to add more luxury to the room.

classic bedroom decor by Algedra

As for the bedroom, using old furniture of carved wood or hand detailed metallic furniture, or even wood combined with metal, and you can obtain the antique look by using cotton or wool woven fabrics. Also adding a fireplace instead of central heating, and using wooden floor and floral wallpaper will definitely create a wonderful and very comfortable room.

An antique dining room has many details. The legs of chairs and the table are made of aged wood that is carved in beautiful details to provide beauty and warmth, the carpet that is under the table and chairs adds luxury, a fireplace will complete the look.

You can use classic chandeliers for the ceiling, and hang some beautiful pictures on the wall, or add a classic mirror, the best colors for this room are the warm classics such as yellow, gold and Beige and their gradients.

In the kitchen there are wooden cabinets with glass doors, you can hang some antique pots on the walls for a nice decor, in addition to a classic lamp that will add elegance and warmth, you can use a table of peeled edges and leave it without paint for a beautiful and old kitchen look.

antique bathroom interior design

The antique bathroom has the classic porcelain bathtub that provides relaxation to its users (which is one of the most important pieces) in addition to a carved wood table rich in details, a metallic frame mirror, a classic lamp. Walls coated with white ceramic tiles or a distinctive wallpaper, all of these will add the simplicity that the antique decorations are distinguished for.

Finally, the richness is in the details, and the accessories are enough proof, such as antique clocks, antique ceramics, lamps and many others.