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As an entirely distinct concept within art and interior design Art Deco can be traced back to Europe in 1908.
Art Deco was a movement with strong connections to France in general, and Paris in particular.
Art Deco is an interior design concept that can help to promote the use of simple bold shapes, patterns, and colors yet demonstrates that it had a wide variety of influences whilst the items produced under its name covered an equally wide variety of designs.

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It could be expensive to have an Art Deco interior design in your home if you brought original objects but if you know where to look the less expensive replicas will provide you with the same effect. Ironically the mass-produced Art Deco pieces of the Inter War years are considered almost antique.

Art Deco was linked with other trends, such as film that was produced by the Hollywood studios and the styles movie goers could see in their favorite films of the time. What all the influences on Art Deco was the rationale behind producing lamps, curtains, and other furnishings.

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The best color schemes feature red, yellow, chrome, black besides silver, and often used for wall decoration, curtains, and may be carpets too. The preferred floors for Art Deco interior design was wooden flooring as opposed to carpets.

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