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The living room is the hub of any home. It is difficult to even begin to estimate how much time we spend in these spaces. From small gatherings with friends to binge-watching Netflix on rainy weekends, we connect this room with coziness and comfort.

A room filled with comfort and relaxation does not necessitate sacrificing form for function. With so many interior design trends available, it can be difficult to choose which design or styles to incorporate into your living room while still ensuring that the space performs its primary function.

Art Deco is one of our favorite design styles to include into a home. It tends to be categorized as a sumptuous and elegant aesthetic, but what we love about it is the potential to combine even minor parts of the style to quickly improve a room. 

Color schemes and components of Art Deco design

Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in 1925 marked its debut in Paris. Nearly a century later, prominent interior designers all over the world continue to love Art Deco. Like everything in history, it drew heavily on the Art Nouveau movement of the late 1800s, which was characterized by its expressive and organic lines and textiles made from natural sources. 

However, the look was increasingly viewed as outdated by the turn of the century. The Art Deco movement was created with the intention of embracing modernism and this new era.

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Art Deco interior design is glamorous and striking, even in tiny doses, and is characterized by the use of geometric shapes, zigzags, and vivid colors. The appeal of this design aesthetic is that you may go all-out and design a space that looks like it came directly out of the Roaring Twenties, or you can add a few Art Deco accents and still obtain the desired glam appearance.

6 design ideas for your living room inspired by Art Deco

1- Use striking animal prints.

You undoubtedly know that the Art Deco era was characterized by a lot of geometric designs, but that doesn't imply that animal motifs weren't also common. Art Nouveau's emphasis on nature didn't simply disappear; rather, it was reinvented and incorporated into more contemporary forms. Today, leopard print is the ultimate in glitz and elegance.

2- Use of stripes

Stripes are yet another striking design that evokes the richness of the Art Deco style. Although it is a repetitive geometric pattern, it seems easier to control than some of the other motifs from this era.

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3- Sunbursts to add a touch of extravagance

Forms resembling the sun, either half or fully golden, began to emerge on buildings, inside rooms, and even above elevators. Presently, posters and mirrors with sunburst designs are two of the most popular home accessories.

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4- Pastel hues

Selecting a pastel color scheme is a simple approach to give your living room an Art Deco feel. You can go all the way to matching the color of your wall to the color of the velvet on your sofa.

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5- Geometric patterns

Even the most ardent modernists may get behind the use of geometric patterns, as they come in a wide variety of styles and scales.

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6- Brass accents

Place a brass coffee table in the middle of your seating area, and a floor lamp that matches it should be placed to the right of your sofa. By changing the side table knobs or adding a console table with brass legs to the hallway leading to the room, you can also bring in coordinating styles across the entire space.

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