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Neoclassical architecture is an architectural style produced by the neoclassical movement that began in the mid-18th century. During the 19th century, interior design was very much about neoclassicism. Historicism was the order of the day and art nouveau interior design arose as a reaction to this traditional style.
There are many ways to emulate art nouveau style decor in your modern home design. Here are some ways to copy the look and turn your house into an art nouveau paradise.


Walls Finishing & Art Nouveau StyleWall Art in Nouveau are flowing, they repeat wavy shape. There are many variants of wall finishing: wallpaper with floral pattern, decorative plaster, fabric upholstery, and painting. Most often, the walls are flashy, painted in a single color, they serve only as a background for the main design which does not distract the attention.


Ceiling And Floor Art DesignCeiling finishing contains many interesting styles such as: painting, use of stained glass windows, moldings, sky & clouds, stretched ceiling, a simple painting or digital mural. There are more discreet options: laconic white painting and use of stained glass chandeliers allows you to create the very modern decor.
Solid wood, art parquet, laminate flooring often use as a floor covers. Tiles with imitation of marble or natural stone finish can be used for kitchen and bathroom design. Beautiful carpets with floral ornaments with lots of colors and flowery is one of the best floor decorative elements.


Furniture Art Nouveau InteriorThis style dictates special rules when choosing furniture: it should be functional, practical and elegant at the same time. Dressers, wardrobes and tables - all these pieces of furniture must be decorated with fine swirls, wrought-iron metal. Cupboards are decorated with stained glass paintings. The same applies to upholstered furniture: soft armrests, ornate wood legged chairs repeat plexus of plants. On the fabric, there are many images of flowers and leaves, they are often woven with gold or silver threads.

Art nouveau has left us with iconic imprints that can still be seen in interior decorating to this day. In its time, it was revolutionary and therefore its popularity was boosted among those who wanted to appear to be following the latest trends. Unfortunately, that popularity was short lived as it developed a worldwide reputation for being too over-blown, exaggerated, lavish and above all, expensive.

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