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Decorating your house is exciting and can be overwhelming at the same time. Trying to make your interior look beautiful and cozy at the same time we can overlook some nuances that actually can make a big difference.

Here are 10 mistakes to avoid from Algedra to achieve beautifully decorated house interior:

  1. Wrong carpet selection. Do not place small rug in a large room, as it will make room look empty, the right size is to put the legs of sofas and chairs on the edges of the carpet. Your bathroom will look more stylish with just one bathroom mate or small carpet, which is enough for comfort when getting out of the shower.
  2. Uncovered cables.  Messy uncovered electrical cables of TV in your living room, bedroom, or other electrical appliances in the kitchen can make your home interior look cluttered. To resolve this issue, gather all the cables to the cabinet or library leg, or cover it with suitable cover with the wall color. For that reason is very important to make a proper space planning before doing electricity wiring to see clearly furniture layout and where electricity plugs needed. 
  3. Proportions breach. When choosing furniture some items may look great in the catalog or in the store where the space is huge, however disproportional to the room size of your house what will create misbalance in overall look. It is important to take in consideration measurements of the house and furniture as a sofa you like may be too small for a big room or in opposite. 
  4. Mixing too many colors. Mixing too many colors destructive for the eye and makes impression of messy room. Following the rule of 3 main colors where one colors is a base and two additional used in smaller amount to blend out and create accents, will help achieve harmonious stylish interior.
  5. Too many accessories. Avoid putting all your favorite decoration items for display in one room- it will make it look cluttered. Your house interior will look more stylish with less but carefully thought through accessories.
  6. Using elements form too many different styles. You may love items from various styles, however décor items or furniture may look out of contest. Combining various styles requires expertise of interior designer for tasteful interior look. It is suggested to choose one style of interior as base and second to blend decorative elements for stylish interior. 
  7. Choosing furniture by the price. A cheaper option from the store may seem like a good value and easy solution today, however customized furniture is a better investment in a long term. First thing to consider when selecting furniture should be its comfort, not price or shape. Customized furniture gives ability not to compromise on comfort and expression of your personal style.
  8. Using only one main light. Using only General lighting which provides overall illumination to the room is not enough. For the cozy stylish home best solution would be to use a mix of three lighting layers- General-ambient, task and accent. While ambient light is the base and task lighting with it functionality illuminates targeted areas, accent or highlight lighting will draw attention to interior details creating more interesting ambiance. 
  9. Avoiding textures. Avoiding using textures in your interior will make it look flat and lifeless. Using various textures and materials like wood, metal, patterned fabrics will add dimension and create cozy atmosphere. Furniture and carpets with dark colors in small rooms makes it look smaller, but light colors and glass makes it look larger.
  10. Forgetting about storage space when designing your interior. For make your interior design always look stylish and beautiful you should avoid too many open shelfs and rather have storage dedicated cupboards seamlessly incorporated in your space planning.

    Avoiding those 10 mistakes will help you create beautifully decorated home and it always a great idea to get consultation from expert interior designer for less hustle.