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Palaces are always characterized by luxury, elegance and sophistication, and they are always the focus of attention because they posses mystery, so most people are curious to see what is going on within its walls, to learn its secrets and discover their advantages.

The following article includes everything that modern mansions posses of the latest fashion technology to the luxury and extravagance in them.

 Modern mansions are very different in style than the old ones they have modern architectural design, they don’t require fences, fortresses, enormous stones and decorated windows they rely on simplicity, strength and luxury.

 Modern mansions can be built of old construction materials such as enormous stones or modern materials such as metal and concrete, modern materials give it modern elegance while old materials give them strength, luxury and elegance.

 Inside the gates of the palaces are the latest construction, cladding and technology services available to facilitate human life incredibly.

Palace architectural living room design

 These palaces include many rooms such as a large sitting room, which includes the latest technology like virtual smart fireplace operating as traditional wood fireplace but without the need to put the firewood, cleaning and maintenance. They also include methods of entertainment and comfortable furniture and beautiful colors, trims and accessories, and also adequate space for the movement in comfort and freedom.

 As for the large sleeping suites, they have luxurious bathrooms and large storage rooms 

And they have a nice view to the surrounding nature.

 Guest reception suits are always ready and welcoming, as well as luxurious bathroom of marble and porcelain, and kitchen have the latest appliances that help make quick delicious meals, they all vary depending on the style the owners want may be in a modern style or a traditional classic style that contradicts modern form in a beautiful way.

classic living room design for palace

 The Palace also has a full kitchen which is not only big and luxurious but also contains all the hardware that will make life easier, cooking and working for the lady of the palace.

 A modern palace features include all of its large and spacious rooms spaces for leisure and entertainment like cinemas or theatre, a lounge to play billiard and lounge for video games.

 It can also include spaces for study or reading, a small library or a small reading corner that is quiet, cozy and comfortable, or a corner for business or leisure, whether for a drawing or for sewing or some of the manual work of art.

Luxury grand palace family room design

 It's nice that the owners of the Grand Palace are interested in sports so they add a specific indoor swimming pool for the winter in addition to the large pool in the back garden, and also add a small gym with some devices that help move the muscles of the body, and includes a room for massage and sauna to relax.