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Modern coastal style channels the peace and comfort of a seaside cruise through the lens of contemporary, casual design. These spaces whisper beach comfort and embrace serious sophistication. 

The modern beachfront décor blends the classic elements of traditional coastal and nautical design with elegance and freshness that has become the business card of modern, contemporary style.

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What inspires a dreamy beach vacation is this interior design style. In one word, it can be described as the best combination of coastal design, beach and seafaring. Using the beautiful tones of the ocean in its design, the coastal design brings the cozy atmosphere of your favorite holiday into your home.

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Blend the serenity of a beach getaway with a contemporary twist to breathe new life into the beach decor style. Explore the elements of this trendy interior design style and learn how to incorporate this relaxing aesthetic into your home.

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Create a relaxing feel with airy touches, natural accents and a vibrant, light-filled color scheme. Classic coastal style uses materials such as rattan or wicker with softer textiles  for a well balanced atmosphere. Customize your space even more by working with elements from other design styles you love, such as industrial metal pieces or rustic farmhouse finishes. Adopt a less-more mindset – the goal is to make your modern waterfront space feel truly airy and comfortable.

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Most coastal and marine areas change to offset shades of dark blue with white or ivory. For a modern take on this look, try muted versions of traditional coastal colors. Consider beachy shades that bring calming feelings such as light and airy blues, soft corals, vibrant whites, cloudy grays and sandy tans. Muted tones and plenty of neutrals in your color palette help maintain the minimalist feel necessary for a modern beachfront space.

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Look for furniture pieces that blend the elegant silhouettes and clean lines of mid-century and contemporary design with distinguished coastal elements such as spindle legs, weathered wood, linen flooring and wicker. Keep the space on a more modern slant by avoiding the feel of oversized slipcovers, nautical print fabrics, and overly detailed construction.

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What modern coastal areas may lack in audacity, they make up for in texture. You should channel the various textures of the beach and weave them into your decor for striking the right balance between modern and coastal influences in your space. Look for natural fiber rugs, beach throw pillows, rope accents, seashells, palm leaves, seagrass, and sea glass to add a soothing vibe. For coastal or nautical-inspired wall art, choose more abstract, contemporary pieces or simple designs with ocean colors that inspire relaxation. Avoid heavy nautical decors or dense patterns and be sure to use a light hand to keep your space from looking kitschy or extravagant.

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Now that we have explored the elements of modern coastal design, you are ready to create the ideal mix of contemporary and coastal pieces to shape your own tranquil escape at home. Discover furniture, decor and more to make it happen with Algedra, the best interior design company in UAE, Dubai, London, Qatar, Istanbul, UK, Africa and New York. 

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