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How ALGEDRA introduces the idea of interior design? It is a question that many seek the answer for. The basics of interior design in details by the Engineer Tareq Skaik who is the head of the Interior Design Sector will explain in details about the design and ALGEDRA vision on the interior design basics.

Eng. Tareq Skaik made it clear that the comfort in the place and the compatibility with the decor are one of the priorities that an interior designer must achieve. Even though it’s a very hard dilemma because of the many factors that participate in the process of designing, but ALGEDRA has solved this dilemma by achieving comfort in the residential and at the same time paying attention to the aesthetic factor in the design and the combination of the cultures.

And through our works we reveal the secrets of diversity in options such as the land scheme and the order of the furniture functionality and equipment depending on their sizes and offering the best solutions for all hardships in the field of movement in the space and ease of use of what it includes of furniture and equipment, and making this space serene, comfortable and excellent for all conditions and aesthetic standards. Broad perception and awareness without limits on all architectural and interior details particularly those internal one, raw materials and how to use them and the exclusive knowledge of furniture, its standards and its distribution in the domestic space according to its functionality and colors, as well as other necessary things such as lighting distribution and flowers coordination and coordination of other accessories necessary to the space.

basic interior design

The 21st century was marked by the integration of interior decoration, which is a blend of the common color and oriental tools and ornaments of the Mediterranean. To transfer the past into the present such as adding symbols and decorations from the Romanian eras or Greek, Assyrian and turn them into domestic units.

There are no limits to creativity in interior design, as the design itself is created by interior designers and architects who work together to create a beautiful portrait.

According to Engineer Tareq Skaik, arts of all kind and using them for this modern age is a brilliant step to achieve the hardest in decor. The ancient monuments and sculptures of Romania and Greece (the Amphitheater and the Arc de Triomphe and columns) inspire many ideas and they are considered as an aesthetic and innovative design standards. This decor is attractive for many people to decorate the interior design with wall paintings, fabrics, the mosaic floor covered in a carpet is a common thing now, along with painted ceilings. The presence of large vases of various drawings and with the demise of the Greek furniture, the inscriptions and drawings are still maintained on high-quality wood that has bronze and is decorated with gold and silver combined with soft furnishings. Greek Decoration contains two types of decorations: curly decoration and architecture which is characterized by meandering line.

The Baroque is a style found in the Renaissance era. This style is characterized by an oval shaped room and Curved shapes interlaced with bows and excessive ornamentation and rosary decoration, plant leaves and Wreaths. This decoration style influence luxury and charming vitality. The most important elements used in the Baroque decorations are the luxurious and expensive ornaments and the ruby and emerald colors in the living rooms with the use of gold which is a mandatory in this style. Velvet fabrics are the most common in this style because they give a royalty feeling.

Baroque interior design

Another form of art in interior design that is the most common and people prefer the most is the arabesque art that is related to the Islamic architecture, However, it was found before by the Gothic architecture and flourished with the Islamic eras, especially the Abbasid era, which is the golden age for the Arts, artworks then were characterized free from living drawing and drawings of humans and were dominated by nature decorative shapes and lines, drilling and drawings of plants not only in furniture but also in light breakers.

Engineer Tareq Skaik added that even though modern decors are dominating the interior design industry but the Arabian interior decor standstill like we see in Arabic homes where there is a corner that has Arabic style in addition to some decorations such as frames, Koran holder, lighting units and bookshelves. In this interior design, you pay attention to the tiniest details because the whole decor is a mosaic piece of art, where the ceiling, floor, and accessories are all connected.

On the other hand, the Renaissance era (the classic, modern classic and the Italian) are the mainstream source that the modern interior design is inspired from, It is considered a model in the comparison between decoration and design, emerged in the modern classic decor which is dominated by existing colors of nature and multiple geometric shapes that are strongly present in the interior design and one of the traditional methods of design is blending the contrast between materials such as wood, stone, and tile.

Arabian interior decor

Nothing is as important as colors. For Engineer Tareq Skaik it is the best method to add vitality to the place, as each color has its own character and psychological and emotional influence. That is why it’s important to use rich and effective colors.

Finally, Engineer Tareq Skaik finds that contrast must be achieved through combining between quality and time through the compatibility of furniture with different styles, such as using chairs for the dining room of the same group with a table from a different model to establish compatibility and harmony.