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Today, as we move forward and develop the interior design and the décor field, many shapes and colors have created and some were taken from the past ages like the renaissance era where the color emerald green had it first appear and they began to use it in decorating, painting, and other things.

When you talk about emerald green nowadays in front of people about using it with decorating homes, maybe a few may disagree about it because it is not suitable for the kitchen or the bathroom! However, this idea is completely wrong, because this color can fit the modernity and many styles; it also gives a luxurious view if interior design experts do it. Somehow, we can see the color almost in every house, whether it was a sofa, blanket, carpets, cabinets, and some preferred emerald green to be the general color.

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The most distinguished area in the house when it comes to this color is the living room or the salon; it can be so luxurious and gives glamouring-alluring look to everyone that enter the room. Emerald green can go with any color, so if the walls of the room are all green, a black framework with a white paint can fit well, a round shape black table with a golden board placed in the middle of two dark green or yellow sofas will give a comfortable look. however, when it comes to the floor, light brown wooden floor is going to be so matchy. Adding plants is one of the main elements that accompany the color, so if you thought about adding plants do not be a miser.

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As the kitchen is the heart of the house, we can't forget it, applying the emerald color to it would be wonderful but it must be done in a simple way.

The easiest way for creating your emerald green kitchen is to fit the cabinet with the wall. If you want to install emerald green wallpaper or paint the wall, it should be suitable with color of the cabinet, which is preferred to be light brown with white storage. It can be the other way round, the cabinet and the shelves are green, and the wall is brown or white.

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Achieving five stars lifestyle is by having a luxurious bathroom. Decorated emerald green ceramic wall is very popular but it is not enough to have this, the mirror is what makes it perfect. Middle size mirror with golden frame and below is the white hand wash. If you are seeking a relaxing bath, it is better to place the bathtub beside a wall that is painted with a nature art; on the other side of the bathtub is a vessel with a small tree branch.
Another important thing is the lighting, whether it is in the living room, the kitchen, bedroom or the bathroom, white lighting is the perfect color that go with the emerald green.

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In the end, we agree that emerald green is one of the colors that makes the interiors looks royal and marvelous, so if you were thinking about it for your decoration; do not hesitate to call the specialists.