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The key to design an authentic English country home decor in your home is to generate a relaxed, rustic feel. Comfort is the order of the day, with eccentric pattern theming and a mix of classic and contemporary furnishings

To capture the essential English country style for your home decor, you must look at your color palette, your fabrics and flooring. Opt for darker shades than you would find in a typical contemporary home – you are looking for browns and dark reds for flooring while wall coverings and fabrics should feature patterns.
Drapes, table and seat cover should make the most of floral themes and those with an Autumnal feel are most appropriate to the style. Chintz fabrics can look as are tassels, fringes, plaid and trimmings.

English country home decor
About the furniture, you should look for wooden furniture with brass accessories Pine and oak bookcases are perfect, alongside dark stained wooden cabinets and tables. Sofas and chairs are best when covered in velvet or leather – the stylish Chesterfield sofa being the ideal choice. Overstuffed comfort is the key and all furniture must be relaxing and high quality.

Here are some handy and simple tips for adapting your current home to give a hint of English country style:

  • Mix and match fabrics, add texture in your room by using cushions, throws and drapes in a selection of different colors, styles and patterns. For an amazing look, opt for floral prints or hand-embroidered fabrics.
  • Avoid blinds and go for drapes instead. Those made from velvet or floral fabrics are most effective in recreating the look.
  • Cover coffee tables and ensure that the covering fabric reaches completely to the floor. On top, dress the tables with small ornaments or vases of flowers.
  • Decorate your room with antiques. Both furniture and ornaments from antiques fairs are the ideal accompaniment to the English country themed home.

 English Style Wooden Furniture

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