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Modern exterior design is defined by the look and materials used in its implementation.

Modern style architecture emerged after industrial evolution and is a forward-thinking design reflecting modern lifestyle.

This can be seen widely in new villas development.

How to understand if you should choose modern design for your villa.

Main characteristics of modern design house exterior:

  • Spacious open floor plan

Modern villa design spacious layout and open space planning inside, affects the look of the exterior design. Simple geometric forms inside and outside villa design.

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  • Indoor and outdoor areas connection

Modern house designed in a way where indoor is seamlessly connected to the outdoor area terrace and often pool. This might not be seen on the main entrance of the villa; however, the backyard is often designed in a way where indoor opens up to the outdoor area creating unified atmosphere with the nature. Open spaces defining modern villa.

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  • Flat roofing

One of the main features that sets this style apart is a flat roof that gives villa exterior sleek aesthetics. Flat roof doesn’t mean boring. In modern exterior flat roof creates a shade when extended, and can be color in a different color than the rest of the house for diversity. Flat roof tends to have longer lifespan and drain less.

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  • Simplified cladding and wall finishes

Modern villa exterior wall finishes step further than just cement plaster finish and simple brick wall. Wide array of materials and techniques gives extensive opportunity to express the vision of luxury villa.

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  • Innovative materials

Modern villa design definitely stands out with it exterior due to use of materials. Wood, metal, vinyl, reflective glass and other innovative materials not common to traditional or classic style exterior design.

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  • Straightforward design of facade

Façade of modern villa is straightforward without excessive details, however looks impressive due to conceptual lighting design that highlight the beauty of villa architecture.

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  • Exterior lighting

Modern villa exterior really stands out due to conceptual exterior lighting design that gives opportunity to create vary looks and highlight materials and lines in various ways.

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  • Use of glass and big windows

Another distinguishing detail in modern villa exterior design is use of glass. Indoor and outdoor spaces connected with glass walls and big windows. No privacy concerns here as the glass is reflective therefore creates beautiful façade view without exposing interior of the villa.

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  • Landscape views incorporated with villa architecture

In modern villa exterior design landscape plays as important role as the villa architecture itself, often complimenting its design, or influencing it depending on the location of the villa plot.

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When choosing exterior style for your villa consider all the elements of the architecture.

Modern villa exterior design is a choice of latest new developments in Dubai such as Meydan and Dubai Hills for a reason.

The main idea behind this style is achieving better design through simplicity that creates attention grabbing exterior for your villa.

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