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Women love to gather and have fun together, thus a women Majlis is different to the one designed for men as the last is known for its simplicity, in a women Majlis everything looks soft and beautiful.

Striped sofas will add a bold move to the decor, and they suit any color or fabric, or you can have stripes on the wall for a modern sophisticated look.

beautiful women majlis design

One of the most common patterns in furniture is animal prints, it is easy to design a room with leather furniture and animal prints, but it is important for these materials to be of high quality.

Using feather pillows will add comfort and joy especially if they have random colors and patterns, these pillows will give the Majlis a modern and vital appearance.

Using furniture of bright colors will make your Majlis brighter and more relaxing to the guests, and you can combine the colors in the pillows to make the Majlis look unified.

Combining white and black will add luxury and sophistication but these colors are cool colors, so mix them with a third color such as yellow or any other warm color to add warmth and joy.

luxury majlis interior design

For further luxury and elegance, use the classic gold color it is known as the color of luxury, use it in furniture, accessories, wallpaper or even lighting such as lamps and chandeliers, once this color is present it adds instant elegance to the appearance.

For a heartwarming and a comfortable Majlis, scatter some pillows on the floor and add a small coffee table.