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Emirates Hills is deluxe development in UAE and community with one of the most luxurious villas in Dubai.

Exclusive neighborhood with golf course and lavish green landscape features upscale extravagant villas of extraordinary designs, and latest project executed by ALGEDRA in Emirates Hills is an exquisite classic defining personality and taste of this luxury property owners.

The theme of design was majestic palace where classic style meets Arabic traditions. Inspiration of this extravagant design was from combination of Rococo style palaces design in France and Arabic palaces in Middle East.

emirates hills villa design by Algedra


Posh interior design is taking breath away from the moment of first step inside.

emirates hills villa design by Algedra


Bright, grand and welcoming entrance hall with marble waterjet and a centerfold crystal chandelier fixed into unique handcrafted complicated ornamental molded ceiling design gives that ‘wow effect’ designers were going for.

emirates hills villa design by Algedra

Most luxurious materials were used in design of this villa. Marble, solid wood, porcelain, crystal, silk distinguishing the wealth and extravagance of the home owners.

Gold as essential of Baroque style is used excessively in interior decorations of this villa as in design of luxury palaces.

Villas design two floors includes elevator that was designed to blend with overall interior and not to fall out of the context.

Frames of photographs and mirrors in golden lacquer coating with Frescos on the ceiling –are eye catching details that complete this superior interior design.

Unique masterpiece column coated with porcelain tiles and golden finishing in a shape of feathers at the top- as a standalone masterpiece leading up to layered ceiling with golden ornamented carvings.

emirates hills villa design by Algedra


Dining area features dining table of golden coated base with marble top surface and matching chairs. Earthy colors of grey and beige creating perfect combination with silver and gold, which gives freedom for home owners to play around with various colors of décor details like vases, flowers and tableware depending on their mood or occasion.

emirates hills villa design by Algedra

Nobel upholstery handmade by Italian artisans complete the furniture design in neutral and pastel colors that defines the times of magnificent Rococo era.

Golden ornamental overlays on mirrors reflecting the light are design features emphasizing cultural heritage of the Islamic world in patterns.

Variety of symmetries and cursive forms of Kapali and Tepelik motifs- Islamic arabesque was used on a background of classic furniture.

Even though different areas are seamlessly flowing one into each other at the same time they are clearly distinguished and separated.

Design of luxury villas in Dubai wouldn’t be complete without majlis.

emirates hills villa design by Algedra

What makes this majlis to stand out is its unusual space layout. Team of designers stepped away from traditional Arabic majlis rectangular space and followed form of octagon geometry used in Islamic art as foundation, which made it extremely cozy and sociable.

We can see eight-pointed star Khatam as a center core of the whole theme. Walls, ceiling, furniture placement and even waterjet of the marble floor following the same lines.

emirates hills villa design by Algedra

Decorative ceiling of this majlis executed by devoted craftsmen steels attention where solid dark wood layered design continues from the walls with handcrafted carvings up to crystal shining chandelier in a form of a Khatam star.

emirates hills villa design by Algedra

Contrast of dark wood and light color furniture with bright decorative details and golden finishes creates harmonious, posh but very cozy and welcoming interior.

Here villa décor completes by Arabic lanterns spread through all the corners that creates the ambiance and reminds of nomadic Bedouin oasis in a dessert.

This high quality villa design in Emirates Hills stands out with taste and character of its owners for appreciation of elegant classic and respectful nourishment of Islamic traditions in their beautiful home.