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In the fascinating world of decoration there are so many puzzling possibilities of choices to decide, fabrics are one main stream of that world which will brings out the tiny details of your house’s personality using your own creativity.

They are generally used to provide a splash of color or texture to the room and you can use fabrics to pull out the decor you are going for or simply to accent it.

When it comes to fabric, it may be hard to figure out which one works best for you home.  You can’t just think of the fabrics covering pillows and windows in a room, you should also think about the fabric that is covering the furniture.

Here we will talk about one mesmerizing style of fabrics that goes way back in history, Tartans!

Traditionally, Tartans were designs, woven in wool, and used to designate the various Scottish clans. The pattern is formed with stripes of different widths and colors duplicated on both the vertical and horizontal axis. Plaids that do not exactly duplicate the pattern on both the horizontal and vertical axis are not tartans, they're just regular plaids.

 Tartan fabric’s most distinctive quality is that it can be used to warm up your winter rooms, it has that magical effect on the atmosphere that brings coziness and warmth to any place you decorate it with.

Tartans is also used in accenting traditional style of your house interiors, it plays well for both modern and rustic styles depending on the other factors you mix it with.