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Penthouse flats are the flats located on the highest floors of a building mostly the last floor of skyscrapers in the major capitals of the world.

The basic idea of this flat is the four external of the flat are made of glass. It offers the occupant panoramic city landscapes from the very high point. One of its best characteristics is that it occupies a whole floor which means no neighbors. It offers complete privacy and a lifestyle similar to what a villa would offer. Another great Characteristic is that penthouses are located in the middle of the city where you can reach restaurants, hotels, and malls easily, but it also offers you a secluded private area away from all the noises of the city, and on top of all a penthouse is a lot larger than a normal flat, a size that is as large as a villa.

ALGEDRA offers more luxury to penthouses by adding many things such as a terrace, swimming pool, arranged outside seating area to spend time with family and friends.

Make your outside seating area liberated:

What we mean by a liberated seating area for a penthouse that its idea revolves around relaxation.

ALGEDRA’s experts advise you to use furniture in the shape of L in black and white alongside low-rise center tables and a side chair can be used as a comfortable footstool.

For additional relaxation, create a private seating corner using a one seat sofa of a high backside with two pillows in addition to the lamp of wax to increase the romance in the air.

Family Penthouse Design


A beautiful reception hall with comfortable luxurious seats for more luxury and relaxation whereas the large glass windows offer a beautiful city view.

You can give the wall in the living room an extraordinary look by making it wavy with pieces of marble and on one of these marble layers. You can design a small fireplace so its dim light will combine with the dark colors to add warmth to the place.

Combine between the modern and the traditional look by adding elegant furniture pieces, a table in between two rocking chairs and a carpet.

In the dining room, it is easy to find a table that can fit 8 to 16 people but it is important to guarantee that they will offer comfort. To achieve the modern traditional look, add five chandeliers above the table that contrast the modern simple look of the table, so while choosing a white table and chairs made of porcelain and metal, add old-fashioned chandeliers that are made of black metal and rich in traditional decorations. This contrast will increase the beauty of the place.

ALGEDRA’s experts advise you to add a bookcase preferably made of Brazilian rosewood trees to covering the whole wall to add a sophisticated look to the place. Wood panels and decorative carved ornaments add warmth to the place, you can also add plants indoors and outdoors they will add vitality to the place.

The best kitchen for a penthouse is a modern kitchen because it suits the lifestyle of it, preferably of marble and granite with all the luxuries and provides the basics needed for the kitchen in general.

modern and the traditional Penthouse Design

As for the second floor, it highlights the beauty of the ceiling, in addition to the spiral stairs and quiet private bedrooms, they all add to the beauty and sophistication of the house.

ALGEDRA’s designers will offer you the best choices for designing bedrooms and taking advantage of the diagonal windows for a distinctive lighting and décor. For example diagonal windows with the desired geometric designs for the bed backdrop or add some hanging lights in various forms for the ceiling. As for children rooms they also get their fair share of elegance by having beautiful, well illuminated, healthy rooms that also offer a play area and a study area.

Floors in penthouses they are as beautiful and luxurious as the whole place they could be could be marble or parquet.